para polish FAQ

About the products

How should para polish be stored?

Please store it in a cool antd dark place.

Will Para polish cure with another company's UV or LED light?

Lights from other manufacturers may have different wavelengths. As curing defects may occur as a result, use of other manufacturers’ lights is not recommended.

What causes Color Gel to become excessively tacky?

After use, any excess gel on the bottle neck and brush should be removed with dry paper etc., and the bottle cap should be tightly closed for storage. When the cap is removed, the gel may react to light and become hard.

Does the Matte Top Gel have to be wiped after curing?

Not doing so would allow uncured gel to remain on the surface, so it must be wiped off. If Para Prep is used for wiping, a more matte finish will result. Turn the bottle upside down and mix well before use.


What causes improper curing of Color Gel?

If there are wrinkles or puckering on the surface, this could be due to application of an excessive amount of gel. The same applies if the nails are not properly exposed to LED light. For white, black and red color gels, full curing is required as incomplete curing may result in curing defects.

Does the base gel require buffing of the nail prior to application?

No, the base gel does not require any buffing of the nail. Normally a single coat of base gel is applied, but if the nail is uneven or has insufficient strength, application of a second coat is recommended.

Why does the surface become sticky when the Top Gel (non-wipe) is cured?

Applying more than the recommended amount may cause incomplete curing. Matte Top Gel does need to be wiped after the curing process.

How long should Para polish be cured for?

The curing time is 30 seconds. Applying too much gel will result in improper curing so it is important to apply the correct amount.

Is flash curing possible?

Flash curing is possible for the first coat of color gel. The duration for flash curing is 15 seconds. For white, black and red color gels, full curing (30 seconds) is required for the first coat as shorter curing times may result in incomplete curing.

How durable is the Base Gel once applied?

About three to four weeks for both hands and feet.

Is mixing necessary for Color Gel?

While mixing is not necessary, it is recommended if the gel has not been used recently. For glitter-type Color Gel, turn the bottle upside down and mix it well before use as the glitter may sink to the bottom. Likewise, light colors are prone to separation, so mix well before use. * The Matte Top Gel must also be mixed. Do this the same way the Color gel is mixed.

How should Para polish be removed?

For gel removal, file down to the base gel with a 180/240 grit file, saturate a cotton pad with Para Remover, place it on the nail and wrap the finger in aluminum foil and leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes. After removing the aluminum foil, gently remove gel with the UTSUMI×para gel pusher.

What is the recommended amount of para polish?

[ Base Gel / Color Gel / Top Gel ] Hands: 1/2 of one side of the brush; Feet: 1/3 of one side of the brush Adjust the amount according to the size of the nail.

When doing the toe nails, can the foot be soaked in a foot bath prior to gel application?

Yes, this can be done, however as the natural nail may retain some water, before applying gel, wipe off any remaining moisture on the surface using Para Prep and allow it to evaporate first.

Can gels from other manufacturers be used along with para gel products?

Mixing para polish products with other manufacturers’ products is not recommended due to compatibility issues. If you wish to use the Top Gel or Matte Top Gel in combination with other manufacturers’ products, please check the compatibility before use.

What causes uneven Color Gel application?

Too much brush pressure will cause uneven application. Move the brush in a straight line in one smooth motion, from the base to the tip of the nail without applying pressure.

About Designs

Are para polish Color Gels suitable for design work?

These gels were developed for one-color gel applications. They can be used for French and Marble designs, but for delicate art, we recommend para gel.

Can stones and parts be attached?

Yes, this is possible. To attach stones and parts, please use para gel’s Super Sculp Gel.